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A stylish way to store your footwear!


Indulge in your creativity with SoleMate Singapore!

With SoleMate shoe boxes, you will be able to design your own style of shoe storage. Changing your home decor to the most unique style ever!

Using the best material!

SoleMate Singapore uses high quality Virgin Polypropylene as the main material for its shoe boxes. Polypropylene (PP) is made by combining propylene monomers (a tasteless, colorless, odorless synthetic material). It has numerous different applications such as consumer packaging material, plastic hinges, waterproofing insulation, and more. It is considered a low-toxin, heat-tolerant material. 
It is the safest of all plastic material for humans and often used as food storages. With this material, it gives our shoe boxes the sturdy and firm look for stack-ability due to high flexural strength from its semi-crystalline nature.

Adding the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) for a few of our products, it provides favorable mechanical properties such as impact resistance, toughness, and rigidity when compared with other common polymers. A variety of modifications can be made to improve impact resistance, toughness, and heat resistance. The impact resistance can be amplified by increasing the proportions of polybutadiene in relation to styrene and also acrylonitrile, although this causes changes in other properties. Impact resistance does not fall off rapidly at lower temperatures. Stability under load is excellent with limited loads.

Designing your own style!

With SoleMate Singapore's sturdy and firm quality, it enables you to stack your shoe boxes in every design and style you wish.

Showcase your favourite footwear and the stylish design within you. Stackable boxes design allows you to create your footwear storage from a traditional plain cabinet style to an art-piece in your home. Creating an "all my own" design to furnish your home.

Customers Review

Worth the buy!! Fits bigger size shoes w ease. Easy removal of shoes. Plastic is soft type that will not crack easily & it is sturdy. Stackable. Easy to fix. One of the best shoe storage boxes ever bought. Previously, boxes are to small for shoes or they are flimsy.

Rita R

Love it! Great buy and sturdy enough. Will buy another set for sure!


Very easy to fix, very sturdy and can fit the basketball shoes which is awesome! Will buy again if I need.

Jalaine W

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